Green Burial

Services Included:

• Basic professional services of Funeral Director and Staff
• Removal of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home (within 30 miles)
• Refrigeration
• Disinfection & handling, setting features, casketing, and cosmetology
• Transportation from funeral home to cemetery
• Funeral Director for graveside service
• Biodegradable Willow or Seagrass Casket
• Register book

Merchandise Options:

  • Immediate Burial with Willow or Seagrass casket $3,495
  • Immediate Burial with Shroud $2,245
  • Immediate Burial with Container Provided by the Purchaser: $1,995
    (All such containers must meet any applicable state or cemetery requirements.)


Willow Casket

Seagrass Casket




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